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When it Comes to Insurance, One Size Does Not Fit All.

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I Sell Insurance BUT First and Foremost, I am an Educator

I get it, I totally do. When people hear that I own an Allstate agency, the first thing they think is that I sell insurance, and certainly, they’re not incorrect.

I do sell insurance, and I am happy to do so because it offers my customers the security and protection they want and need.

The important thing to know is that BEFORE I sell insurance, there’s a lot of information that I must gather because “one size does not fit all.”

Based on what you tell me about YOUR specific situation, I can then talk to you about your options, and make suggestions about what will provide you with the right coverages.

I know that insurance can be confusing and it’s not a topic that most people want to spend time on. (I LOVE it, but that’s another story altogether!)

The fact is that most people are happy if they never have to use their insurance and file a claim for their entire life.

But the time might come that you do and if that happens, you certainly want to have the peace of mind that comes from  knowing you have the right protection.

And that’s where the education comes in because I want you to ask me questions
so that I can explain it in even greater detail. The conversational back and forth will enable us to arrive at what will work best for you and your family.

We want to work with you for the long haul so when your circumstances change, we’ll be there to explain which coverages should hange and why. It’s not one and done!

I’d love to answer any questions and help you navigate through the confusing waters of insurance. Can I help?