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Best known for its year-round sunshine, long-standing surf tradition, world-class shopping, and, of course, the happiest place on Earth, Orange County is arguably one of the most iconic counties in the Golden State. What it’s also famous for? Traffic. And lots of it.

Clocking in at 948 square miles, there’s a lot of ground to cover in OC. From the 405 to the 55 to the 91 to the 57, OC drivers can easily spend an upwards of two hours commuting to and from work every day. Pair that with the 2.1 million plus licensed drivers in the county sharing the congested freeways and roads, and it’s easy to see why fender benders and fatal traffic collisions are on the rise.

While you may be a safe and responsible driver, sometimes life just happens. That’s why we’re here to provide you with the best auto insurance coverage to ensure the people and things that matter most to you are protected at all times.

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Important California Car Insurance Variables

Prior to Proposition 103, car insurance in California was at an all-time high (in fact, Californians were spending 36% more on auto insurance than the national average!). As soon as this 1988 reform law came into play, however, insurance companies were required to file their rates and receive approval from the California Department of Insurance, eliminating excessive premiums once and for all.

Additionally, Prop 103 made it so that California auto insurance rates be primarily based upon three key factors:

    By keeping a clean driving record –– no accidents, no speeding tickets, no moving violations (or going to traffic school to defer the infraction) –– Californians can greatly reduce the cost of their auto insurance.

    Prop 103 regards mileage as a decisive factor when it comes to overall premium rating. The more time spent behind the wheel each year, the greater chances a driver has of getting into an accident.

    California doesn’t use age to determine eligibility for a good driver discount, rather the length of time a driver has been licensed. Statistically speaking, the more experience a driver has behind the wheel, the less likely he or she is to get into an accident and submit a claim.
Local Car Insurance Agencies in Huntington Beach

At SoCal Insurance & Financial Services, we offer various auto insurance discounts to help you get quality coverage at an affordable rate: 

  • California Good Driver Discount = 20% 
  • Good Student Discount = up to 10% 
  • teenSMART | ADEPT Driver = 15% 
  • Teachers, Engineers, and IT Professionals = Discounts vary

What are the Minimum Car Insurance Requirements for California?

Just as traffic laws vary state by state, minimum coverage for auto insurance varies greatly, too. In California, auto insurance is a mandatory requirement, with drivers required to carry the following coverages:

Helps pay for medical expenses and lost wages for other persons involved in an accident for which you’re found to be at fault.

Helps to cover damage caused to other vehicles, structures like homes and storefronts, and / or stationary objects (e.g. mailboxes, fences, etc.) in an accident for which you are found to be at fault.

Are you an Uber or Lyft driver? Find out how you can add a rideshare endorsement to your personal auto insurance policy for as little as $6 per month. 

Important Car Insurance Coverages for California

While every California driver is legally required to carry the state minimum car insurance coverages, ask yourself this: would they be enough to cover serious injuries and / or replace a newer car in the event of an accident?

The chances are slim.

As of 2019, the average cost of a new car is over $34,000, and the average cost of an ambulance ride is $2,000. Combine that with the increased cost of medical expenses and lost income as a result of accident-related injuries, you’re talking a steep out-of-pocket expense.

It’s also worth noting that bodily injury liability and property damage liability only cover damages to the other persons involved in the accident. What if your car was totaled in an accident? Or, even worse, your loved ones were severely injured? Would you be able to incur such considerable expenses without financial difficulty?

There are many limits available that we can customize to suit your individual needs, some of which include:

  • Collision – covers damage to your vehicle whether the accident is determined to be your fault or not.

  • Comprehensive – helps to repair your vehicle when damaged as the result of an event other than collision, such as: theft, fire, vandalism, natural disasters, falling objects, or damage done by animals.

  • Medical Expenses – can help cover your or your family’s doctor visits, X-rays, EMT & ambulance fees, surgery, and more as the result of an auto accident.

  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist – can help cover the cost of your medical and / or property damage bills in the event the other driver does not carry insurance or does not carry adequate limits.

Have a classic car? We have a partnership with
Hagerty that allows us to offer the following coverage for your vehicle:  

  • Agreed value policy guarantees you will be paid every cent of your car’s insured value in the event of a covered total loss
  • Significantly lower annual premiums than standard insurers
  • Specialized coverage (e.g., spare parts, medical reimbursement)
  • Flexible usage 

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