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In 2020 alone, nearly 10,000 wildfire occurrences caused damage to more 10,488 homes across the state of California. Pair that with the damage caused by sudden and accidental events, theft, and other natural disasters, and it’s easy to see why having proper home insurance coverage is crucial.

Regardless of whether you live in Huntington Beach, California, or any other part of Southern CA, your home insurance policy is arguably one of your most valuable assets (next to your home, of course).

While it won’t prevent disaster from occurring to your home or belongings, it can offer a welcomed financial safety net in the event the unexpected occurs.

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Homeowners Insurance 101: Understanding the Basics

  • Dwelling insurance helps to pay for the rebuilding or the repair of the physical structure of your Huntington Beach home if it’s damaged by a covered hazard.

  • Personal property coverage helps pay to repair or replace any of your belongings (e.g., furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc.) after a covered loss.
    • Coverage is subject to the terms and limits outlined in your policy, so be sure to ask your insurance agent if you have any questions.

  • Liability insurance covers you against lawsuits for injury or damage that you or your family members cause to other people
    – Medical bills that result from a visitor’s accidental injury at your Huntington Beach home as a result of your negligence
    – Lost wages in the event someone is injured while on your property and is unable to return to work and you’re found liable
    – Pain and suffering endured by a person who is injured in your home
    – Legal fees in the event you are sued following an accident in your home and need a lawyer to represent you
    Death benefits to the family member of someone who dies as a result of an accident in your house or on your property

  • Other structures helps pay to repair or replace structures other than your Huntington Beach home, such as a fence or detached garage, if they are damaged by a covered risk.

  • Additional living expenses covers the additional costs of living should you be temporarily displaced from your home (e.g., hotel stays, restaurant meals, costs of doing laundry, etc.).

What Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?


A standard home insurance policy typically helps pay to repair damage caused by certain risks or perils, such as:

  • Theft
  • Fire and smoke
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Falling objects
  • Frozen plumbing
  • Sudden or accidental water damage

What It Does Not Cover: Standard homeowners insurance coverage in Huntington Beach, California typically does not cover floods, earthquakes, sewer backups, or damage that occurs from a lack of maintenance.

What Do We Offer?

Most Huntington Beach, CA insurance companies do not automatically include extended dwelling replacement costs within their standard home insurance policies.

At SoCal Insurance & Financial Services, our primary insurance agency carrier automatically grants home insurance clients with a 50% extended replacement cost.

Additionally, we offer short-term rental coverage for Huntington Beach, CA homeowners who participate in home sharing.

Traditional personal property insurance policies do not cover damage unless the cause is specifically listed. For an annual flat fee of $20, our Airbnb rental insurance protects you for things like damage or theft caused by temporary renters.

Contact our insurance agency to find out how the Airbnb endorsement can protect your rental properties >>> GET A QUOTE!

California Wildfire Insurance Updates

As Southern California residents, all of us have been directly or indirectly impacted by the ongoing wildfire crisis.

Rampant wildfires throughout the state have been responsible for billions of dollars of property damage and, as a result, many Huntington Beach, CA homeowners have experienced changes to their insurance premiums.

Our office has received dozens of calls from concerned homeowners (and rightfully so!):

“Why do my insurance rates keep increasing?”

“ I haven’t even filed any claims with my insurance company.”

“I don’t even live in a wildfire area. Why am I being penalized?!”

As consumers ourselves, we hear what you’re saying. So let’s clear up the confusion, shall we?

  • If you purchase a home insurance policy from us, your rating will now be based on individual risk. Rather than being rated on a larger scale of risk, your premium will be primarily based on your home’s individual risk factors (e.g., wildfire exposure, home age, home value, and other individual home characteristics).

  • Insurance discounts are changing. This is good news if one (or both) of the following statements apply to you:
    • If you have a newer or renovated home, you’ll receive increased discounts.
    • If you haven’t filed a claim in the past 5 years, your discounts will more than double.
Do you live in a high-risk fire area? If so, contact us at 714-841-3177 to review your insurance coverage options.
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