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Boat Insurance Huntington Beach


Huntington Beach, California may be known as Surf City USA, but it’s also paradise for recreational boaters and watercraft enthusiasts.

Whether you currently own a water vessel or you’re looking to buy one, SoCal Insurance & Financial Services offers comprehensive insurance options to protect you against accidents, vandalism, liability, and more.

Did you know you may qualify for multi-policy discounts when you take a boating safety class or have multiple policies with the same insurer?
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Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Short answer?


Long answer?

You’d be crazy not to!

While you’re not legally required to have boat insurance in California, it does give you peace of mind while you’re out on the water. 

There’s a chance that you spent at least $20K (if not more) on your personal watercraft. Having proper coverage limits in place can ensure that you don’t have to incur any out-of-pocket expenses in the event the unexpected occurs.

A boat insurance policy can help protect you from property damage, fire, theft, and vandalism at the bare minimum. Keep reading to find out what typical policies cover!

What Does My Boat Insurance Policy Cover?


Homeowner insurance policies may provide limited coverage for personal watercraft. This is where marine insurance comes into play, as it can help provide financial protection for your boat and its contents, as well as you and your loved ones.

Here’s what a standard personal watercraft policy covers:

  • Property damage insurance can provide coverage if you’re involved in an accident with another personal watercraft, as well as piers, buoys, docks, or floating debris.
    • When you buy boat property insurance, you may be able to choose between two coverage types: actual cash value coverage or agreed amount coverage.


  • Liability insurance protects your assets if you become legally liable for an injury or incur property damage as a result of an accident. Similar to auto insurance, this coverage assists with medical costs and loss of income for individuals directly impacted by the accident.
    • *Pro Tip = Make sure to look for a policy that offers fuel spill liability. If your boat has a fuel spill and damages other property, you could be held liable.


  • Emergency services can pay for reasonable costs of water vehicle towing, the delivery of fuel or battery, and/or mechanical labor at the place of breakdown. 
  • Uninsured watercraft coverage can protect you and the occupants in your boat if you’re involved in an accident caused by another owner with little or no insurance. Whereas boat owner’s liability covers medical payments and loss of income if you or the driver of your vehicle is responsible for an accident, uninsured watercraft coverage does the same for you and your boat’s occupants if the other owner is responsible.

  • Additional boat equipment coverage can help pay for the cost of anchors, life jackets, navigation gear, and other accessories.

  • Personal effects is an additional coverage that may be added to your policy. It covers personal items that you may bring on your watercraft, such as cell phones, clothing, fishing equipment, and more. Talk to us about additional coverages.

The coverage needs of boat owners will vary from person to person. Not sure how much boat insurance coverage you need? Contact an insurance representative at SoCal Insurance & Financial Services to find out what kind of marine insurance policy is best suited to your needs. >>> GET A QUOTE.


What Do We Offer?

As an independent insurance agency located in Huntington Beach, CA, we offer a variety of marine insurance policies from reputable insurance companies, including:

  • Our standard carrier insures recreational boats up to 35 years in age, with a maximum value of $300K. Boats that are 10 years or newer qualify for a preferred discount. Your insurance policy will cover damage to your boat, outboard motors, boat equipment, and boat trailers. Additional benefits include emergency services and wreck removal.

  • American Modern is another one of our personal watercraft carriers. They insure boats up to 1 million in value and boats up to 65 feet in length (with some limitations). This carrier also provides liability, emergency services, and wreck removal.

  • Hagerty is our specialty marine insurer. Not only do they insure classic and wooden boats, a big feature of a Hagerty policy is they offer an ‘agreed value’ policy. This amount is agreed up front and, in the event of a total loss, Hagerty will pay the agreed amount guaranteed.

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